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We are one of the most recognized IP chemistry tuition centre. Be among the hundreds of students who aced their IP Chemistry exams under Bright lab. Our proven methods are tried and tested in Singapore. Come find out more about our Integrated Programme tuition today.

96% of our IP Chemistry students have shown improvement in their results and move on to achieve distinctions in their IP Chemistry Exams. We create a clear and interesting way to encourage students to understand IP Chemistry in a proven method. Being up to date with the Ip chemistry curriculum, each lesson will be taught into concepts and problem-solving structures. Many of our students realize they did not have as much understand about IP chemistry before they attend our tuition. If you want to know how you can excel in Ip chemistry tuitions come to find out more by contacting us.

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“Hendra is a very friendly and patient IP chemistry tutor who would explain the difficult concepts to me clearly when I am in doubt. Initially, IP chemistry appeared to be very daunting as it was very different from what I had studied before in the past. Furthermore, the fast-paced lectures in school and the hectic JC lifestyle made it even more difficult for me to keep up with the subject. However, upon joining Hendra’s lessons, IP chemistry became a much easier subject. He was able to break down the difficult concepts which make it easier for students to understand. Hendra is also very helpful and would answer my questions outside of the lesson through WhatsApp. Thanks to him, I was able to consistently score O for both my school exams and the A levels.”