A level chemistry tuition Chemistry is often seen as a daunting subject, and that’s understandable. There are tons of terminologies, equations, formulas, and concepts you need to learn. But with patience and help from the right people, it’s not impossible to succeed in your class.

Joining a Chemistry tuition program in Singapore is one effective way to improve your grades.

Here are tips to help you make the most of your tuition class:

  1. Avoid cramming. Learning chemistry requires practice. Don’t skip your tuition classes, focus on exercises, and work on the subject a little bit each day. While memorizing may help, not all problems can be solved by this strategy alone. You need to have a good understanding of the lessons, so you can handle any question given to you. If you are preparing for an exam, start your review ahead of time by breaking lessons in smaller chunks.
  2. Ask your Chemistry tutor for help. If you’re having a hard time catching up with other members of the group, let your tutor know. Your Chemistry tutor in Singapore will be happy to explain the lesson in a simplified manner so you’ll absorb it faster. You need to understand the foundation so you can work on more complex problems later on. So don’t let a lesson or concept pass without you understanding it.
  3. Write out problems. Your tutor will most likely encourage you to be proactive during class. Take as many notes as possible. Write the problem sets yourself when you self-study. Go back to your classroom materials and practice working on equations you have solved. Try to time yourself while answering problems. 
  4. Review past exams. Which areas did you not do well on your previous exams? You might want to focus on these topics and also seek assistance from your tuition instructor. Look into important concepts that you have learned in the past and consolidate your notes. Try talking out loud as you review instead of quietly scanning through your worksheets.  
  5. Join a study group. Invite your classmates or friends in your  JC chemistry tuition class. Talk about exercises you did or look into free quizzes online. Chances are these quizzes that also come with answers and explanations that you can review later on. By working with other students, you may be able to learn new tricks or techniques to approach certain problem sets. 
  6. Prepare for your tuition class. If you feel sleepy, you’ll have a hard time understanding the day’s lesson. Get enough rest so you’ll have the energy throughout the class. Allot enough time for your travel so you will not have to rush your way to the Chemistry tuition centre.
  7. Understand, don’t memorize. The key is to understand your lessons and not memorize problem sets. You will be able to test your level of understanding if you are able to answer questions confidently, on your own. If you find yourself still struggling, approach your Chemistry tutor.

Take a step closer to the Chemistry grade that you desire. Make the most of your tutorial program. Whether you’re in an O, A level, JC or IP level chemistry tuition class, be honest with your tutor where you’re having difficulties. The only way your coach will be able to help you better is by knowing more about your needs and learning styles.